“For me, things began in my father’s fruit and vegetable store in Astoria, Queens when I was eight years old. My father had a fruit and vegetable store in a poor neighborhood, and he believed that the luxuries that we all should share together should at least be the food. So he would buy the best food, the best produce, and sell it to poor people at honest prices because he believed that’s the way to be. When I went to work there, I picked up on the idea of quality, of value and authenticity. That’s where it began.” A leader in specialty coffee for over 40 years, Paul’s passion is working with people and helping folks find their perfect cup. He co-founded Thanksgiving Coffee Company in 1972 with his wife, Joan Katzeff. Over the last 40 years, they’ve built a coffee company centered on values of social and environmental responsibility. Paul has formed partnerships with coffee farmers on family farms all over the world. He believes that quality of life on coffee farms = quality coffee.I realized it was the people that mattered, not the coffee. That realization changed my life forever.” Photo by Ron Greystar

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