Tony Schifano is the Founder and CEO of Antos Environmental, a mission-driven organization that promotes & drives sustainability initiatives in industry and educational institutions throughout the world. Going back more than thirty years, he is responsible for some of the firsts in the ‘green movement’; first to recycle materials in a corporate and healthcare setting, first to place a commercial composter on a healthcare property, first to focus on waste reduction as a cultural transformation.

He and his team have been driving zero-waste for over a decade and have now been implementing an environmental circular economy philosophy wherever he goes. Antos has saved the healthcare industry hundreds of millions of dollars and reduced its carbon foot print enormously.

Antos has partnered with some of the largest and most prestigious healthcare and educational organizations around the globe: Yale New Haven, NYU & NYU Medical Center, Columbia Presbyterian, Mount Sinai Health System, Thomas Jefferson University & MC, University of Pittsburgh, University of Miami & MC, The Pope’s Hospital in Rome, Mission Health, Baptist Health, Christiana Care, Auxilio Mutuo (PR), Doctor’s Center (PR), and hundreds more. Antos works intimately with Puerto Rican Healthcare and Educational organizations formulating ways to develop a cultural transformation in an effort to protect the island’s natural resources.

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Fifteen years ago, Tony was invited by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Shanghai China to consult on medical waste technology. Most recently, Antos Environmental was appointed the Director of Green Hospital & Education Initiatives for the entire country of China by the Government in partnership with USAT whose members include Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Purdue University, University of California, and many more prestigious organizations.

Tony began his career in Hospital Management and during the AIDS epidemic began one of the original medical waste disposal companies. That company, through many acquisitions, today is Stericycle. Tony was a co-author of the original Medical Waste Tracking Act and has written Medical Waste Regulations in over fifteen States. Most recently, he re-wrote the laws defining and regulating medical waste, signed by the Governor, in Puerto Rico.

While Antos continues to grow and influence organizations globally, Tony has a great passion to educate the children. These are the next generation of Leaders and must have ‘caring for our natural resources’ weaved into the fabric of their character. Tony is a very popular public speaker. He is very passionate and always influences crowds to consider ‘a new way of being’, hoping to form a dramatic shift in our consciousness.