Monica founded Veestro with her brother Mark in 2012. Growing up as brother and sister in a big family in Costa Rica, the two always loved the social aspect of sharing a great meal together. They looked forward to those special times surrounded by friends and family and home-cooked food where every meal was prepared from scratch. When they came to the United States for college (both UT Austin grads), the brother and sister duo struggled to make healthy food choices. Fast food was quick and easy to eat between classes and studying, but later, as young business people pursuing careers, the on-the-go eating habits didn’t improve much, and began catching up with them. The two were bemoaning the lack of good food choices and decided to do something about it. They searched the supermarket for healthy prepared food options. A trip to the frozen food aisle was a real eye-opener. The backs of the frozen meal boxes were loaded with ingredients that they couldn’t pronounce. They asked themselves, what was in these meals, exactly? The two realized that if they couldn’t find frozen options that fit into their new commitment to whole foods and plant-based nutrition, then they would create them. Veestro was born!

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