Opening the Door to Safe Household Products with Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender

January 22, 2010

In-home toxic chemicals are all around us. John and Mike learn from Jeffrey Hollender from Seventh Generation that it doesn’t have to be that way. Hollender, an accomplished CEO, author, blogger and green living pioneer, actually birthed Seventh Generation from a book he wrote in the 1980s, How to Make the World a Better Place. Fast-forward to today, and Seventh Generation has a family over more than 100 different cleaning products: laundry detergents, spray cleaners, disinfectants, tissue paper and more — natural and organic whenever possible. Hollender and Seventh Generation want to give everyone the ability to buy safe household products. “Most people assume that they can look on a label and see the ingredients they’re bringing into their homes,” Hollender comments. “Unfortunately, there is no ingredient disclosure requirement. You don’t know what you’re bringing into your house. We only use chemicals tested to be safe.”