Innovative, Dual Purpose Lighting with The Ionic Bulb’s Annette Hunter

June 4, 2010

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In this show, Annette Hunter of The Ionic Bulb, an “eco-preneur,” talks about an innovation in lighting. The ionic bulb solves two problems at once: it’s a powerful air purifier, and it’s an energy-saving CFL light bulb — it’s that simple. “You have those huge, bulky air purifiers that cost $200, $300; sometimes more than that,” Hunter says. “They make a lot of noise and they don’t work that well. Microchips are now able to filter the air. We put that microchip on a light bulb.” How does it work? The chip, which emits negative ions into the air that attach themselves to pollutants, eliminates air impurities — dust, pollen, odors, dander, allergens and smoke — nearly instantly in a 100-foot radius. Currently, the bulbs retail for about $5 each, available now online and in CVS and Walmart retail stores later this year.

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