Providing Guidance for a Greener Life with Green Thing’s Andy Hobsbawm

September 17, 2010

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Andy Hobsbawm created Green Thing, an online guide to leading a greener life, in England as a means to inspire and educate normal people to live healthier and more eco-friendly. “When we started Green Thing, we were trying to figure out why people can’t be bothered to turn off the lights when they leave a room,” Hobsbawm recalls. “We realized it’s about inspiration. How could we use that source of inspiration to make environmental living something that people actually actively wanted to do?” The website chronicles seven ways everyone can make their lifestyle greener: stay grounded (travel by air less), resist the urge to buy the latest and greatest, eat less meat, lessen the reliance on air and heat, unplug everything when not in use, use everything to its fullest extent and walk whenever possible (instead of traveling by vehicles).

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