Addressing Waste in the Film Industry with Film Biz Recycling’s Eva Radke

March 25, 2011

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Eva Radke, President and founder of New York-based Film Biz Recycling and a veteran in the film business, had an epiphany about all the waste in the film business. Radke was working on a commercial shoot that misused both its budget and its materials. From then on out, her reuse passion could not be stopped. “[Reusing materials] started as a social movement, because I just wanted to give it all to charity,” Radke recalls. “My green education came with doing this. I didn’t realize how bad [waste in the film business] was until I started thinking about it.” Since January of 2007, Radke has run Film Biz Recycling as a way to reuse all sorts of materials from on set — everything from paint and lumber to custom-made trinkets. Radke laterally moves everything she can to charities, saving it from the landfill. In 2009, the company accepted items from 33 commercials, 26 films and 12 TV shows — 90 different sources — and diverted 75 tons of potential waste. About 75% of that went to charities, while 25% went on sale in the Film Biz Recycling boutique in Long Island City, NY.

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