NRDC’s Wendy Gordon

February 10, 2012

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Wendy Gordon, head of the NRDC’s green-living sites, returns to “Green is Good” to discuss the role transportation within the world’s cities plays in conservation. It’s no secret that gas in the U.S. is hovering around $4/gallon, so now is the time to investigate how best to move around while lessening oil demand and saving money. The NRDC examined urban transportation in a new Smarter Cities study that identifies the 15 small, medium and large cities that are making eco-minded (and wallet-friendly) decisions to move their citizens around effectively. Beyond efficient city transportation infrastructure, Gordon provides a number of personal transportation tips that can make a major environmental difference. “The smartest thing you can do is minimize your driving and bundle your trips,” Gordon explains. “Plan your trips so you only make right turns — right on red saves gas!”

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