The Benefits of Oxygen Healing with Global Hyperbaric’s Maya Volk

July 25, 2014

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JOHN : Welcome back to Green is Good, and we’re so excited today to have my friend, Maya Volk. She’s the founder and CEO of Global Hyperbaric. Welcome to Green is Good, Maya.

MAYA VOLK: Hi, John. How are you doing?

JOHN : Great. I’m wonderful today, and I’m so glad you’re coming on the show. You have such an important story to share and a business and you know, listen. Before we get going, a couple things, a little housekeeping. I want to first give our listeners, I’m on your website right now. It’s very informational and I want to give our listeners your great website. It’s Please go to the website. You can learn more about what Maya does and the important work she does in terms of helping people heal. Maya, before we get talking about Global Hyperbaric and the great business you’ve created, talk a little bit about your story and how you even came up with this amazing idea and how you got started.

MAYA VOLK: Well, I was very, very fortunate to have met Doctor Heuser. Doctor Heuser is the most known neurotoxicologist/immunotoxicologist in the field and I walked into his door about 15 years ago and I’ve been blown away and fascinated when I had a little tour in his office. First of all, it did not look like a regular doctor’s office. There were lots of cut-up newspaper about mold exposure and there were lots of posters on the wall with the brain functions and the spec scans before and after, as I know right now, hyperbaric oxygen therapy. There were posters about ADD and ADHD improvement. There were posters about immune functions, anti-aging — you name it — and it was very interesting and then I’d been introduced to hyperbaric oxygen chamber and was in one of those and I remember my reaction to that. I was like, “What kind of submarine is that?” and my business associate told me, “You’re going to be young forever,” and it was like genie was out of the bottle at that particular moment because I knew what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life because as a woman and living in Los Angeles, we all would like to stay young and look our best and I was very, very fascinated and impressed with what Doctor Heuser had done over the years and that’s how I got started learning from him and trained by him and introduced to his wonderful hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

JOHN : And, I have to just say to our listeners you’re not only a friend of mine, Maya, but I’m also a client of yours. When I broke my nose, you’ve helped me get well. When my wife broke her foot, she used the hyperbaric oxygen to make sure the foot healed correctly and also much, much faster than it would have ever healed on its own so let’s go into a little bit how your system works. How does the hyperbaric oxygen work? How do people enjoy the benefits of it? Do they get into a chamber or how does it work? Explain to our listeners how the whole thing works.

MAYA VOLK: Well, Global Hyperbaric is a provider of the complete solution, so it’s betterment of life through the natural pressurized oxygen therapy. The person usually comes over or I come to them and they go inside. I would say it looks a big tanning bed, but it’s soft and it has a very soft cushioning inside. It’s very comfortable. It’s very roomy, and the person lays down inside and they breathe highly concentrated oxygen while lying in a pressurized chamber. Oxygen penetrates deeply into all pores, lungs, brain function, and revitalizes all the cells.

JOHN : And, the people who are in the chamber, because I’ve been in the chamber so many times, it’s not only very comfortable but you could either sleep or read or talk on your phone or listen to music and really, it’s a very comfortable and enjoyable experience.

MAYA VOLK: Yes, well, we are very, very equipped with all the tools needed. You can bring your computer inside and work. You can lie down and read a magazine or book because everybody’s different. I prefer to sleep. As soon as I lay down in the chamber, in about five to 10 minutes, my whole body is completely relaxed and I feel great and I take the time to rejuvenate and revitalize all my cells and when you get out of the chamber, John, you know your skin feels like butter and you look great and all of the muscles — if anything hurt in the body, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

JOHN : You know, Maya, your business model for Global Hyperbaric is very unique. Can you share with our listeners why and how you did something different and how you have set yourself apart in the hyperbaric oxygen healing industry?

MAYA VOLK: We’re living in a city of beauty. Los Angeles is the standard of all the beautiful. The people are looking to look their very best in Hollywood and also, everybody loves the service, so I combined both. I created the model of mobile hyperbaric oxygen services to you because I’ve had a lot of immobilization when clients were injured or they couldn’t basically come to me so that’s how we created mobile services and I’m the only one in Southern California who provides the mobile unit to any location; houses, movie studios, hotels, medical facilities and so forth.

JOHN : What a brilliant idea. In a city of cars, you’ve made it very easy for people to get well faster by bringing them your great hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

MAYA VOLK: Yes. Everybody’s busy, especially people that don’t have time in traffic to lose a couple of hours to come to me, so in order to be easier for their life and provide superior services, we come to them and it takes only a couple of minutes to set up and people are very, very pleased to have perhaps hyperbaric chamber in their own house.

JOHN : You know, Maya, you’ve had many, many fascinating and interesting clients over 10 years. Because you’re my friend, I’ve got to hear about them, but recently, I saw Hillary Clinton on Diane Sawyer talking about her concussion of a couple years ago. Can you share a little bit about what clients come to you with what kind of ailments and are concussions something that could benefit from your Global Hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

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MAYA VOLK: A lot of clients from concussion. I would say the boxers. Everything that has to do with contact sports. People have concussions. Let’s say the boxer is boxing. They’re getting knocked out in their face and the blood goes to the brain and the blood goes to the face, so after the concussion, you place somebody in the chamber and it helps to reduce the inflammation from the brain and the body. Also, there is perhaps a lot of people who have been in a car accident and they are getting concussions, so it’s very well helping concussions. The boxers, as I said, lots of people who do pro sports, such as hockey players, wrestlers, martial arts, basketball, baseball, you name it, so it is helping tremendously, not to help concussion, but also it helps your endurance, performance, duration, and so forth, so if you run, you might run faster. If you jump, you will jump higher. It can increase your reaction time, concentration, consistency and the brain would be the one great aspect because everything comes from the brain, same as people have depression and anxiety and hyperbaric seems to be doing wonders with that as well.

JOHN : And, you don’t have to be a professional athlete. You could be a weekend warrior and still get tremendous benefits from the hyperbaric oxygen, correct?

MAYA VOLK: Absolutely. Anybody who has taken pride to look their best and exercise, they can benefit from that. Not only that, every college student, because there is lots of young kids who are starting their career and they need a little boost of energy, they need the vitality, they need to increase their productivity, and most of all, they need to relax their muscles and be able to go the next day again and perform at their best. That’s when they’re coming over here, not to mention the concentration level, which will help them to study for the tests, so it’s beneficial.

JOHN : How about people getting ready for surgery or who come out of surgery, elective or otherwise? How beneficial is hyperbaric oxygen pre and post surgery for people and what have you seen with your clients, Maya?

MAYA VOLK: Well, my largest clientele base is from known doctors, plastic surgeons, sports injuries, I work with lots of doctors in the field. Not only that, but people find me because it is incredible. Healing is complimentary to any sports injury or plastic surgery. The person is always recommended to have one session before because it oxygenates them and it’s easier to go through any procedure and eliminate the bruising, swelling, pain, and also a lot of people go through anesthesia and one of the greatest factors is the detoxification/oxygenation. It will be easier for people to recover from plastic surgery or a sports injury and it is increasing tremendously healing and it’s basically much less pain. I have a lot of people who come after sports injuries. I’ve been working with pro athletes including Lakers and they all talk about it. It’s everywhere from ankle surgery recovery to a minor twist of an arm or leg.

JOHN : And, you’ve even worked on Olympic champions.

MAYA VOLK: Yes, I did. It was a great pleasure to prepare one of my clients and I can talk about because he put the testimony on my website and anybody can read about it. He was preparing for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and he came to see me because he had a bad back injury and he didn’t know if he was even going to swim in the Olympics at that time, so being in my chamber for seven days, two hours a day, and I was with my mobile services so it was much simpler for him. He didn’t have time and it was hard for him to move. He left for Beijing in about a couple of weeks or so and then he came back with a testimonial, “Maya, thank you so much for letting me accomplish my dream and win a gold medal in the Olympics,” which was the best reward. In order for me to keep somebody healthy and accomplish their dream, that’s what I’m here for.

JOHN : Well, I know that for a fact. For our listeners who just joined us, we’ve got Maya Volk on with us today. She’s the founder and CEO of Global Hyperbaric. To learn more about what Maya does and her important healing with the Global Hyperbaric system, go to I’m on your website right now and, Maya, first of all, I love your website and I love how much information is there, how transparent you are, but there’s a beautiful picture on it, right on the landing page, and it shows Doctor Oz and Oprah Winfrey and it says the benefits of hyperbaric chambers was featured on Oprah by Doctor Oz, so this is something that is not just a news piece from the 1980s with Michael Jackson, who was using it for all the right reasons also but this is actually now being accepted by great leaders like Doctor Oz and Oprah Winfrey and other people who see the benefits of this hyperbaric therapy, correct?

MAYA VOLK: Absolutely. Not my hyperbaric, but hyperbaric was featured on Doctor Oz and Oprah, and it’s being talked about and let me just refer to you, Michael Jackson. I don’t know how many people know, but Michael Jackson was placed in a hyperbaric chamber because he burned his head in a Pepsi commercial. It was an explosion, and he got injured and after that, he was very fortunate, as a matter of fact, because doctors knew about it and his head got completely restored and was over many years after that, but he was an absolutely great performer as far as dancing and singing and so forth, so Michael Jackson is an actual great example of how the hyperbaric healing works, but if you put Michael Jackson aside, there is lots of great performers who I’m dealing with on a daily basis and everybody looks great, feels great, and oxygenation to the body helps in every form.

JOHN : The media didn’t talk about the healing to the skin. They just said he was in the chamber so now you make sense. There was real science behind him going in the hyperbaric oxygen. It was to heal the burns from the Pepsi commercial. That makes a lot of sense and speaking of Michael Jackson, you know, Maya, I have the benefit of you being my friend, so I know some of these great stories. Share your favorite story. We’re down to the last three minutes or so. Share your favorite story with regards to someone coming to see you and getting better because of your great therapy.

MAYA VOLK: Well, in plastic surgery, there is the term ‘dead skin.’ Dead skin occurs when there is no circulation to the skin and basically, I had a case where one lady came to me and she had a breast enlargement procedure and one of the breasts has just become dead skin and everybody in town, including highest doctors, they were telling her that one of her breasts would be amputated and her doctor referred her to me and after two weeks, two hours in a hyperbaric chamber, she got her breast sensitivity and tissue and everything back, so there was no amputation. There was no discomfort to her life after that, and everybody was absolutely wonderfully amazed with what hyperbaric can do as far as plastic surgery. I also have different people. It’s always on my mind because there are so many different people who are needing it. One of the clients had a stroke and she came over here hardly walking and her right side was not having any sensitivity. It was paralysis to the right side and she tried the hyperbaric chamber first for one hour and when she got out of the chamber, her right side sensitivity had come back. She could move her arms and facial movement…it blew me away. She would continue coming for quite a time for two hours every day because, as Doctor Heuser was talking about, consistency is the key and amount of hours but it was a great improvement every day, more and more and more and more and I can tell you lots of stories because I have different people. I had a guy in a wheelchair and he was walking very slow and hardly walking and then with my mobile services, I was at his house and every day he was going in the hyperbaric chamber and the next day, he could walk a little and better and better and better.

JOHN : Well, I know it works. I’ve used your great services to get my nose better. Tammy used hyperbaric oxygen to get her foot better faster, so we know it works. Again, thank you for coming on today, Maya. We’re going to have you back, and for our listeners out there that want to learn more about Maya’s great work, Thank you, Maya, for being a visionary holistic healer and leader. You are truly living proof that green is good.