Entrepreneur, Trendsetter, Holistic Health & Beauty Innovator, Maya Volk, is widely referred to in Los Angeles and globally for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for a wide array of reasons. Ms. Volk is well recognized in this community as one of the best in her profession and boasts an extensive lineup of Red Carpet Celebrities, Music Icons, Pro-Athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists, Movie/TV Directors/Producers, and VIP clients worldwide.

Ms. Volk is Founder and CEO of Global Hyperbaric, a company that provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy services. Ms. Volk came up with hyperbaric oxygen therapy with Mobile Services and remains to be the only one providing portable services in Southern California. Over the course of the last 15 years of her dynamic career, Maya developed her own unique concept that utilizes the most advanced technology researched to be safe and effective to keep everyone looking like they discovered the Fountain of Youth!

After moving to Los Angeles, Ms. Volk realized that Los Angeles has extremely dirty air and a highly polluted environment. The high concentration of respiratory therapists and medical oxygen companies that exist in California attests to this fact. To address this problem, she focused her interests on the world of health and beauty solutions. She found the best solution was is to use gentle hyperbaric therapy to detox and revive the lives of her clients.

According to many professional studies, detoxification is one of the greatest benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for people suffering from the effects of pollution and premature aging.

Maya Volk trained professionally in hyperbaric therapy with worldwide renowned immunotoxicologist/neurotoxicologist Gunnar Heuser, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.P., Member, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Medical Adviser, International Hyperbarics Association.

Global Hyperbaric provides a complete solution for the betterment of life through the natural and proven benefits of pressurized oxygen treatment. The oxygen penetrates deeply into all of your pores, lungs, brain and blood, and floods tissues with beneficial oxygen, to revitalize all your cells.

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With her trademark humorous personality, colorful accent and high profile clients, Ms. Volk is right at home at any red carpet event.

Many studios rely on Ms. Volk to rejuvenate their stars, some of which have 18-hour workdays, and boost their energy and performance. After two hours of hyperbaric therapy, any actor can look as fresh and beautiful as they do after a good nights sleep.

Maya is a highly regarded expert, one of the best in her profession in the Hollywood community. Star quality personalized service for everyone, white glove delivery/set up in the clients home/hotel room/office, and flexible hours distinguish Maya from strip mall hyperbaric providers.

In addition to providing the client privacy and personal attention at home, Global Hyperbaric has now extended its reach by offering services at select doctor’s offices, salons, hotels, aftercare facilities, medi-spas, gyms, as well as recording/movie studios/television sets. Ms. Volk is highly recommended by award-winning doctors/surgeons worldwide.

Ms. Volk has been featured in top publications and news channels (Ms. Fitness Magazine, Beverly Hills Times Magazine, Genlux, Channel 5, Channel 7 and Channel 11 News, TV Guide and many others). Global Hyperbaric is permanently featured on Dr. Phil’s website as a resource and solution to the betterment of life.

Maya has dedicated her life to spread knowledge about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and has helped countless clients to better their lives. Ms. Volk continues to put her heart and soul into every single one of her clients and is always ready to help anyone that reaches out to her.