Talking All-Natural Plasters with American Clay’s Carol Baumgartel and Croft Elsaesser

Carol Baumgartel and Croft Elsaesser and  are the mother-and-son team at American Clay, based in New Mexico. Elsaesser had been working with plasters for years as a finisher on building projects, but was feeling the negative effects of the toxins within these products. An all-natural solution became his #1 goal. Baumgartel, who has a fine […]

Studying Employer Committment to Sustainable Advancement with Author Shari Aaron

Shari Aaron is the co-author of Climb the Green Ladder with U.K.-based Amy Fetzer. Aaron has worked in the sustainability arena for more than 10 years, and soon realized that consumers are the key to the sustainability revolution. She connected with Fetzer through online networking, and the pair spent a year-and-a-half investigating how committed employers […]

Leading Green College Campuses with St. Lawrence University’s Macreena Doyle

St. Lawrence University sits in a picturesque setting in Upstate New York on an eco-friendly, 1,000-acre campus. Long considered one of the greenest universities in America, St. Lawrence has had an environmental studies program since the mid-1970s, well before most schools would have considered such curriculum. “We really consider the Adirondack region to be our […]

Greening the Municipal Profile with Smarter Cities’ Paul McRandle

Paul McRandle is the editor of NRDC’s project. The site examines what cities across the U.S. are doing to green their profile, and in the process increase the quality of life for residents. The entire Smarter Cities program will take about three years to complete, but in the meantime the site is updated with […]

Keeping Hotels Green with Starwood Hotels’ Gina Edner

Gina Edner, Associate Director for Environmental Sustainability at Starwood Hotels, talks to “Green is Good” from New York. With approximately 1,000 hotels in nearly 100 countries, eco-conservation across Starwood’s brands makes a major difference. Edner says that Starwood’s green programs began simply from its customers inquiring about conservation policies and more efficient places to stay […]