Rapid Greening in the Travel Sector with Elevate Destinations’ Dominique Callimanopulos

Dominique Callimanopulos, founder of Elevate Destinations, joins the show to discuss how the travel sector is greening rapidly. Elevate Destinations’ trips — green honeymoons, service trips and family trips all over the world — donate 5% of costs to a host of green-minded charities. The company also carbon offsets the ground portion of its trips […]

Discussing the Risks of Synthetic Chemicals with ‘Chasing Molecules’ Author Lizzie Grossman

Later in the show, Lizzie Grossman discusses her latest book, Chasing Molecules. The book examines how synthetic chemicals — virtually anything that wouldn’t normally exist in nature — are effecting our lives. In Grossman’s research, the truth came out. “Persistent and pervasive consumer chemicals are getting into the atmosphere, into the water, into food and […]

Discussing 100% Recyclable, Multifunctional Pizza Boxes with Green Box’s William Walsh

In this show, Green Box’s William Walsh calls in to talk about how his pizza containers are revolutionizing the industry. For Walsh, it was a no-brainer: When he was a college football player, food container waste was all around him. “Sixteen-and-a-half square feet of paper go into a pizza box,” Walsh reveals. “Two-point-three-seven billion are […]

Fueling Green Waste Revolution with 1-800-GOT-JUNK’s Brian Scudamore

In the wake of the Vancouver Olympics, Brian Scudamore of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, the largest privately held trash company in the world, talks about his humble beginnings in British Columbia. Scudamore’s green entrepreneurial success has expanded his business across the world. Scudamore started the business before college in 1993, and it has been fueling a green waste […]

Sustainable and Healthy Green Agricultural Practices with Lundberg Farms’ Jessica Lundberg

In this show, Jessica Lundberg of Lundberg Farms discusses how her family’s Northern California farming heritage has close green ties. Lundberg recalls how her grandfather established the family’s Richvale, CA, farm with the idea that sustainable, healthy, green practices were necessary from the get-go — not just for the sustainability and preservation of his farm, […]