Making Progress in a Green-Minded City with the City of Atlanta’s Mandy Mahoney

Green is Good’s John and Mike welcome Mandy Mahoney, Director of Sustainability for the City of Atlanta. Mahoney happily tells “Green is Good” that Atlanta is a progressive, green-minded city that is really turning heads nationwide. Among several initiatives currently underway, the city is focusing on ramping up its energy efficiency. “Energy efficiency is the […]

Spreading Awareness About Earth-Friendly Drinking Bottles with Green Planet Bottling’s Brad Schulman

Brad Schulman of Green Planet Bottling helps spread awareness about earth-friendly drinking containers. Schulman’s company, Green Planet Bottling, makes natural bottles that are completely compostable and safe for use. “There’s a pandemic worldwide with the use of chemical-based plastics,” Schulman says. “We have a solution for that, and it’s made from plants, not oil.” Green […]

Connecting Religion and Environmental Stewardship with Interfaith Power & Light’s Rev. Sally Bingham

Rev. Sally Bingham of Interfaith Power & Light speaks to “Green is Good” to about her organization, Interfaith Power & Light, a faith-based response to global warming that incorporates more than 10,000 congregations. “We’d like to see the religious community leading the environmental movement,” Bingham says. Based at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, Rev. Bingham has […]

Practicing Sustainable Winemaking Techniques with The Charles Krug Winery’s Peter Mondavi

As John and Mike debut an hour-long format for “Green is Good,” they welcome legendary winemaker Peter Mondavi and Lyndon Rive of Solar City. Mondavi, responsible for the Charles Krug brand, has been practicing sustainable winemaking techniques in Napa Valley for years. The company harvests its grapes with as much natural control as possible, and […]

Opening the Door to Safe Household Products with Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender

In-home toxic chemicals are all around us. John and Mike learn from Jeffrey Hollender from Seventh Generation that it doesn’t have to be that way. Hollender, an accomplished CEO, author, blogger and green living pioneer, actually birthed Seventh Generation from a book he wrote in the 1980s, How to Make the World a Better Place. […]

Making Public Education Green with the New York High School for Environmental Studies

In this episode, John and Mike learn about the New York High School for Environmental Studies, a Manhattan-based high school of nearly 1,500 students that focuses on environmental issues. John, who grew up in New York, is especially interested in this budding school, which has been open since 1992. Both John and the students — […]