“Green Living Guy” Seth Leitman

For “Green Living Guy” Seth Leitman, the green journey started as a child and blossomed during his Master’s program, where he became interested in different governments’ lack of eco-responsibility. His professional life has seen him focus on green transit, indoor air quality programs, green-building tax credits and a now series of green-minded books. Since his […]

Ohio State’s Dr. Neil Drobny

As recently as a year ago, The Ohio State University was working toward putting together an Environment, Economy, Development & Sustainability Program for undergraduates. Tasked with finding a Director for this new major, the university looked to Dr. Neil Drobny, a longtime green business consultant and professor in the school’s Fisher College of Business. Now, Dr. Drobny is […]

G2 Gallery’s Jolene Hanson

G2 Gallery Director and curator, Jolene Hanson, returns to Green is Good to discuss the Venice, CA-based gallery’s commitment to showcasing environmentally focused photography. What sets this gallery apart from its counterparts is that it donates 100% of all of its sales revenue to environmental charities. “I think that environmentalism and humanitarianism are starting to become the […]