Panasonic’s David A. Thompson

David A. Thompson, Director of Environmental Affairs at Panasonic Corporation of North America, returns to Green is Good to discuss his nearly 30-year environmental journey with the company. In the past, Thompson has worked on initiatives on recycling batteries and curbing the growing e-waste problem. This has led to an increased focus on green education. […]

‘Home Country’ Author Ron Geatz

Editor/writer Ron Geatz profiled Australia’s Fish River Station, a 700-sq.-mi. former ranch that was purchased with the expressed intent of returning it to its aboriginal communities, in a recent Nature Conservancy magazine article entitled “Home Country.” Geatz explains that this is the first time that land has been purchased for this purpose, but it may be a sign of […]

LifeLock’s Tami Nealy

LifeLock Senior Director of Corporate Communications Tami Nealy provides helpful tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. LifeLock takes proactive measures to help its customers fight this massive and continually growing problem, one that can affect virtually anyone. “There is no one that is not vulnerable to identity theft,” Nealy says. “It can happen […]

Solecan’s Jeff and Liz Helfrich

Dallas-based husband-and-wife team Jeff and Liz Helfrich created the Solecan, a dual-use can for both trash and recycling made from recycled plastics. The whole idea behind the prototype is to cut down on “lazy” trashing — throwing recyclables in the trash because a recycling container is not close by. “We realized that recycling had to […]