Discussing the Benefits of Recycling Metals with Alcoa’s Gregory Wittbecker

Gregory Wittbecker, Director of Primary Aluminum Analysis and Recycling at Alcoa, describes the benefits of recycling metals. “In the U.S. right now, we’re recycling about 54% of all the cans that are consumed,” Wittbecker reveals. This number is comparable to most Western European companies, but so much more can be done. Aluminum, which takes a […]

Discussing the “Toxic Trade” of Recycled Electronics with Basel Action Network’s Jim Puckett

Jim Puckett is the Executive Director and founder of the Basel Action Network (BAN). Puckett has spent most of his working life in “toxic trade,” including 22 years at Greenpeace. Puckett has long been aware and concerned with the grimiest of toxic trade methods: Third World dumping. In 2002, following a trip to China, BAN […]

Sustainable Disposal Methods in Healthcare with Sharps Compliance’s David Tusa

David Tusa is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Sharps Compliance, Inc., a company that prevents the improper disposal of medical waste and unused medications. Surprisingly, outside of the hospital and healthcare setting, there is little legislation in place to regulate disposal methods of these materials. Yet Sharps has honed in on this sector […]

Motivating Ourselves to Conserve and Reuse with ‘Planet Home’ Author Jeffrey Hollender

Jeffrey Hollender returns to “Green is Good” to discuss his latest book, Planet Home, and explain the challenges the earth will face ahead. He feels that now is the time that everyone must ramp up efforts to conserve and reuse — from teachers and children, to politicians and business leaders. Though Hollender says that consumers, in […]

Glad’s Cheryl Hagedorn

Glad’s Marketing Manager Cheryl Hagedorn, who holds a 10-year history with parent company Clorox, is excited to announce her newest focus, Glad Green, and its very important mission: setting a vision and strategy for greening the trash business. Glad’s newest campaign, “Glad to Waste Less,” helps to teach consumers how easily small changes can really […]

As You Sow’s Conrad MacKerron

Conrad MacKerron’s fascination with the green movement began early on in his previous career as a journalist in Washington, D.C., where he regularly reported on various environmental issues. He took this experience to As You Sow in 1997, working on corporate responsibility matters. He has since engaged numerous companies to improve their environmental standards. As […]