Patton Boggs’ Joshua Greene

Joshua Greene is the head of energy and natural resources at Patton Boggs, an international law firm specializing in global business and trade for nearly 50 years. Since joining the firm in 2002, Greene has worked on the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, cementing his reputation […]

Changing the Way We Utilize Electronics with Verizon Wireless’ Mike Brander & Consert’s Jack Roberts

JOHN SHEGERIAN: Welcome back to Green is Good, and we’re so honored today to have two special guests on with us for this segment of Green is Good. We’ve got Mike Brander, who’s the Vice President of Sales for Utility and Industrial Vertical Markets at Verizon Wireless and Jack Roberts, who’s the CEO and President […]

LifeLock’s Paige Pederson

Paige Pederson manages the identity theft educational programs at Tempe, AZ-based LifeLock. Pederson joined the company back when it was a start-up in 2006, and it has since blossomed into one of the biggest identity theft protection companies in the U.S. That is significant, since identity theft is the fastest rising crime in America. The […]

Verizon’s Mike Brander

The union between telephone and data giant Verizon Wireless and Consert, a smart-grid technology company, is a meeting of high-end technology and green energy conservation. The two companies have created a model partnership that is changing the way we utilize electronics. Verizon Wireless ‘s Vice President of Sales, Mike Brander, and Consert’s CEO and President, […]