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Fund the world you want to live in!

By connecting community members, small business owners and mission-aligned funders to the goal of creating healthy communities, Community Sourced Capital is introducing a new purpose for financial systems, removing barriers to success for entrepreneurs, and building meaningful relationships around money.

Gain clear control over energy, water, and waste budgets

Distributed Energy Management's unique approach gives you visibility and clear control over your utility budgets, so you can save costs through energy efficiency initiatives and put those savings back into your business.

The Future of Apparel

Evrnu transforms discarded garments into beautiful fibers and provides a solution to the problem of textile waste. Listen now to learn how!

What is ADA Carbon Solutions?

Who knew that carbon could remove mercury from power plants? Tune in to Brian Leen, President of ADA Carbon Solutions, and find out how!

Teenage Trailblazer teaches us to Turn Green!

Join us as we talk to Erin Schrode, Co-Founder of Turning Green. Learn about the change in popularity with today's youth to be more Green!

Urban Water Sustainability: The Role of Potable Water Reuse

Jeff Mosher, Executive Director for the National Water Research Institute, teaches us the difference between potable and non-potable water reuse. These new technological advances can help solve the issue of water scarcity.

Learn more about safe and reliable water supplies from the president of ENS Resources

Eric Sapirstein addresses the priority to provide for reliable and safe water supplies in an environment of changing hydrologic conditions.

The New Paradigms in Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment takes a lot of energy. GE can tap into the energy potential of wastewater to transform treatment plants from large energy consumers to zero energy consumers. Tune in to learn how!