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Staying on the Cutting-Edge of Green Thinking with Hewlett-Packard’s Michelle Price

In this show, Michelle Price, Hewlett-Packard’s Manager of Worldwide Environmental Strategic Marketing, Imaging and Printing Group, discusses the company’s longstanding green practices and how it is staying on the cutting edge of the green technology movement. Price says H-P has focused on the environment and sustainability for more than 50 years. H-P was one of […]

Cutting Down on Food Waste with Simple Steps’ Wendy Gordon

Wendy Gordon, editor of and an executive at the NRDC, comes to “Green is Good” to discuss food waste. Surprisingly, the average family of four throws out 122 pounds of edible food per month — that’s 13% of our solid waste, or 30 million tons per year! The food chain encompasses everyone — from […]

Recycling for the Future with Recycling Today’s Jim Keefe

On the second half of the show, John and Mike chat with Jim Keefe, Publisher of Recycling Today magazine. Keefe says recycling is so easy that everyone can do it — the most important thing to keep in mind is remembering that recycling makes future consumer goods, saving the consumer money without compromising quality. “If […]

Finding Localized Green-Living Solutions with’s Charisse McAuliffe

Charisse McAuliffe, founder and CEO of, returns to “Green is Good” as the show’s first-ever repeat guest.’s tagline is “Find the green in everything… locally,” and the site has become the go-to spot to find localized green-living solutions. The site features the largest green directory in the United States, making it easier than […]

Greening America, City by City with Green America Today’s Denise Hamler

In this show, Denise Hamler of Green America Today talks to John and Mike about greening America, city by city. “There are so many ways for us to use the power of our dollar to really make change,” Hamler says. “The whole idea of Green America is to give people those economic strategies and tools […]

Making Organic Fashionable with FASE Founder Marci Zaroff

“Green is Good” welcomes Marci Zaroff, founder and CEO of FASE (Fashion Art Soul and Earth), a green fashion company based out of Florida. “I’ve always been a fashion consumer,” Zaroff reveals. After a decade of working in the organic health and beauty field, she discovered the missing link. “It dawned on me that you […]

Improving Environmental Standards with Timberland’s Betsy Blaisdell

In this show, John and Mike talk with Betsy Blaisdell, Senior Manager of Environmental Stewardship at Timberland. Timberland, which operates in more than 20 countries all over the world, has long engaged in improving environmental standards in its operations and manufacturing. “[Timberland] has this great outdoor culture, because we’re in the outdoor industry,” Blaisdell says […]

‘Starting Up Green’ with Author Glenn Croston

“Green is Good” welcomes Glenn Croston, author of 75 Green Businesses and Starting Up Green. Croston, whose interest in green businesses started simply with hopes of creating a better world for his children and future generations, is here to say that it is not very hard to start up a green business. Croston looks forward […]

Becoming a Green Pioneer with Molson Coors’ Barton Alexander

In this show, John and Mike welcome Barton Alexander from Molson Coors. Alexander, Global Vice President of Alcohol Policy and Corporate Responsibility for the company, proudly states that Molson Coors has long had the makings of a green pioneer. The basis of Coors and Molson products is the astoundingly pure water. Molson Coors signed the […]

Tapping the Ceilings of the Electronic Waste Industry with International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo’s Ismail Oyekan

Ismail Oyekan, who has a long history in the electronic waste industry, founded the International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo after realizing there was no ceiling to the industry’s potential. The conference and expo brings people together from all over the world to see the importance of recycling and reuse. “I realized there weren’t too […]

Green Social Networking and Blogging with Environmental Graffiti’s Chris Ingham Brooke

In this show, John and Mike welcome Chris Ingham Brooke, CEO and Founder of Brooke, who is just 22 years old, came up with the concept in 2006 upon realizing that the green space was sorely lacking in social networking and blogging outlets. Environmental Graffiti enables any user to visit the site, contribute content […]

Committing to Change the World with Trek Bikes’ Eric Bjorling

Eric Bjorling of Trek Bikes tells John and Mike about his company’s commitment to changing the world. Trek has long been known as one of the premier bike manufacturers in the U.S., but its recent focus on eco-friendly and utilitarian biking has brought a whole new level of attention to the brand. “Cycling is a […]