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September 10, 2010

The Business of Electric Car Charging Stations with Evoasis’ Angus Clark

Evoasis is a San Diego and London-based company that develops full-service fast-charge, electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle (PHEV) charging station facilities (EVSTAT) for deployment in metro areas and roadway access points in both the public and private sector. Angus Clark, Chairman of Evoasis, believes the mass adoption of electric cars begins with designing […]

September 9, 2010

Health and Balance in the Green Lifestyle with Bloom With Barb’s Barb Scala

Barb Scala is known for inspiring individuals and audiences alike to live balanced, happy, healthy and fulfilled lifestyles. Scala, a lifestyle coach, hosts Bloom Talk Radio and is the co-author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life. Scala helps listeners and readers find meaning and balance in their lives using a […]

September 3, 2010

Converting Workouts to Watts with The Green Revolution’s Jay Whelan

What is one of the easiest ways to go green (not to mention a great way to stay healthy)? Ride your bike more. Jay Whelan has figured out a way to harness energy from health club spinning classes to actually power the class and the club itself. Whelan’s company, The Green Revolution, specializes in transforming […]

September 3, 2010

Discussing Hypo-Allergenic Beauty Products with EcoNatura’s Jama Russano

EcoNatura CEO Jama Russano’s personal allergies to beauty products led her to create a product line that caters to women interested in all-natural products that work. “The important thing is to have a product that doesn’t have these ingredients, makes you look good and is safe,” Russano explains. Once she purchased the company in 1999, […]

August 27, 2010

Green Thinking on the College Campus with UCLA’s Nurit Katz

Nurit Katz is University of California – Los Angeles’ very first sustainability coordinator. UCLA has taken a growing interest in sustaining and conserving across its campus, and Katz’s role is to make sure this mega-university continues to grow the green way. Katz helps oversee the Sustainability Committee at the school, spreading green thinking around the […]

August 27, 2010

Rewarding Green Shopping with EcoPlum’s Gia Machlin

In 2007, Gia Machlin founded EcoPlum, a green shopping rewards site, after finding that she wanted to do something greener and more rewarding. Machlin, who has worked in a variety of fields, realized she could conserve most in the area of consumerism — the site’s tagline is “Where it pays to buy green,” and it’s […]

August 20, 2010

Making ‘Reusable’ a Way of Life with ECOBAGS’ Sharon Rowe

Sharon Rowe started ECOBAGS in 1989 as a teenager, well before the green wave rushed forth. The brand has since adopted the mission statement to “produce quality bags at great prices so that reusable becomes a way of life.” “I saw a need,” Rowe says of starting ECOBAGS. “I was tired of seeing plastic bags […]

August 20, 2010

The Ultimate Guide to Green Weddings with Green Bride Guide’s Kate Harrison

Kate Harrison wrote The Green Bride Guide: How to Create an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget in 2007 shortly after realizing the difficulty in greening her own wedding., which followed shortly thereafter, has a simple but noteworthy mission: To help couples use their weddings to promote social and environmental change and support the local […]

August 13, 2010

Living Green in New Media with Conscious Planet Media’s Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander has a long history in the holistic and green health fields, and is co-founder of Conscious Planet Media. “The idea for Conscious Planet Media was conceived on my honeymoon,” Alexander reveals. “On a napkin, [my wife and I] came up with a new media company — a company that would address issues of […]

August 13, 2010

Living Off-the-Grid with Documentary Filmmaker Nick Rosen

Nick Rosen, joining the show from London, is one of the world’s premier experts on off-the-grid living. Rosen, a documentary filmmaker, was shooting in New York City in 2003 during the infamous East Coast power outage, and it really opened his eyes to society’s reliance on a constant energy stream. “I’m not sure if [electrical […]

August 6, 2010

Hosting Green Minded Radio with Passion for the Planet’s Chantal Cooke

A green-minded radio host, Chantal Cooke of “Passion for the Planet,” explains her show’s mission statement — providing solutions for a green and healthy lifestyle — while speaking to John and Mike from across the pond in London. Cooke debuted her radio show in 2002 as a source of useful, inspiring information for her audience. […]

August 6, 2010

Greening the Entire Mattress Lifecycle with Keetsa Mattress’ Joe Alexander

The show heads to New York to hear about Keetsa Mattress’ green mattress life cycle from General Manager Joe Alexander. We typically do not think about what goes into a mattress — materials used, manufacturing processes, shipping, its life in your home and its eventual disposal, where it unfortunately usually ends up heading to a […]