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Discussing Environmental Marketing and Communication with DM Public Relations’ DeAnne Merey

‘”Green is Good”‘s John and Mike bring DeAnne Merey of DM Public Relations on the line to talk about her premier public relations services. Merey’s background is in law, but her company’s focus is on environmental communications and marketing. DM Public Relations’ goal for the companies that it works with is to elevate awareness of […]

The Rise of Organic Food in America with ‘Hippy Gourmet’ Director James Ehrlich

James Ehrlich, founder, Executive Producer and Director of the Hippy Gourmet series on PBS, talks to “Green is Good” about the rise of organic food in America and how to further spread the knowledge. Ehrlich recognizes that organic farmers and farms are the true faces of the green food movement, and the perception of the […]

Discussing 40 Years of Green Journalism with ‘Green Morality’ Author Ed Flattau

Ed Flattau, the nation’s first and longest-running syndicated green newspaper columnist, speaks with John and Mike about his fourth book, Green Morality. Flattau has been writing his green column since 1972, and has logged literally thousands of entries over the years. Professionally, the evolution of green has changed quite a bit. “[The green movement] was […]

Saving Energy by Recycling Aluminum with Alcoa’s Gregory Wittbecker

Gregory Wittbecker of Alcoa rejoins “Green is Good” to talk about recycling aluminum. There is a 95% energy savings when recycling aluminum, as opposed to making new products. The amount of electricity saved when recycling 1 ton of aluminum — in any form — is equal to the energy needed to power the average American […]

Shifting Away from Processed Foods with ‘Farmer Jane’ Author Temra Costa

In the second half of the show, “The Queen of Green,” Temra Costa, speaks to John and Mike about her inspiration in getting involved in sustainable food. Costa, who moved to California from the Midwest in 2003, was completely floored by the green food movement on the West Coast. Now Costa has penned a book, […]

Cell Phone Recycling and Beyond with Verizon’s James Gowen

James Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer of Verizon, joins “Green is Good” to discuss the iconic phone service provider’s sustainability initiatives. One particular advancement the company has launched is its green set-top box, which provides a 30% energy-efficiency increase with a vastly expansive entertainment experience. The box even comes in 100% recyclable (made of 75% post-consumer […]

Creating the Reuse Market with TerraCycle’s Tom Szaky

In the second half of the show, Tom Szaky, founder of TerraCycle, joins John and Mike to talk about how his company is solving the problem of non-recyclable waste. In America alone, TerraCycle has 10.1 million people collecting waste — about 3 million pounds a day! — to convert into consumer products. TerraCycle converts everything […]

Promoting Green Living Ideals with Eco Tuesday’s Nikki Pava

Eco Tuesday founder Nikki Pava talks to John and Mike about her eco-inspired event, which gathers one Tuesday each month in cities around the country to promote green living ideals. More than just a social hour, Eco Tuesday provides an educational component that teaches participants how to live greener, more efficient lives. Founded in 2006 […]

Moving the Sustainable Agriculture Industry Forward with NRDC’s Jonathan Kaplan

The NRDC’s Jonathan Kaplan speaks on the second half of the show about pesticides and organic food. Agriculture has a major impact on our lives — more than one-third of human-caused greenhouse gases come from the production of agriculture. At the same time, a few thousand acres of farmland are permanently lost in the U.S. […]

Refurbishing the Obsolete with’s Jeff Rassás

“Green is Good” welcomes longtime greenie Jeff Rassás, founder and CEO of You Change’s goal is to refurbish those obsolete materials, particularly electronics, in homes across the world by providing cash incentive and a rewards system to its users. The rewards program, used on the You Change site as currency, encourages people to purchase […]

Greening the High-Tech Industry with Technology Forecaster’s Pamela Gordon

In this show, John and Mike speak with Pamela J. Gordon, founder of Technology Forecasters, Inc., CEO of TFI Environment and author of Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment. Technology Forecasters deals with high-tech companies around the world, and helps them make smart decisions about where to manufacture their products and […]

A New Eco-Mission with Roto-Rooter’s Paul Abrams

Paul Abrams of Roto-Rooter joins John and Mike on “Green is Good” to discuss his company’s newly tweaked green program and eco-mission. Roto-Rooter is the largest plumbing repair and drain cleaning service in the U.S. and Canada — working about 1.5 million plumbing jobs per year. Roto-Rooter is looking to influence its customers by offering […]