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Leading the Green Age with New Leaf’s Jeff Mendelsohn

Jeff Mendelsohn founded New Leaf Paper in 1998, long before the green revolution. Mendelsohn entered the paper business in 1991 in New York, but his thought process shifted green soon after, as he was itching to do something with less environmental impact. “New Leaf is the fruition of my original vision,” Mendelsohn says. “By 1998, […]

Practicing Sustainable Winemaking Techniques with The Charles Krug Winery’s Peter Mondavi

As John and Mike debut an hour-long format for “Green is Good,” they welcome legendary winemaker Peter Mondavi and Lyndon Rive of Solar City. Mondavi, responsible for the Charles Krug brand, has been practicing sustainable winemaking techniques in Napa Valley for years. The company harvests its grapes with as much natural control as possible, and […]

Making Solar Power Affordable with Solar City’s Lyndon Rive

Rive got into the solar business to help speed up the adoption rate of solar energy. “We asked our customers, ‘What’s preventing you from going solar?’ The number one reason was the upfront costs,” Rive recalls. “We focused on reducing the cost, but that wasn’t enough. That’s when we invented the solar lease program.” The […]

Opening the Door to Safe Household Products with Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender

In-home toxic chemicals are all around us. John and Mike learn from Jeffrey Hollender from Seventh Generation that it doesn’t have to be that way. Hollender, an accomplished CEO, author, blogger and green living pioneer, actually birthed Seventh Generation from a book he wrote in the 1980s, How to Make the World a Better Place. […]

Making Public Education Green with the New York High School for Environmental Studies

In this episode, John and Mike learn about the New York High School for Environmental Studies, a Manhattan-based high school of nearly 1,500 students that focuses on environmental issues. John, who grew up in New York, is especially interested in this budding school, which has been open since 1992. Both John and the students — […]

Combating E-waste with Reuse with’s Joshua Levitt

Joshua Levitt, the Managing Director of, the world’s largest online network hardware outlet, tells John and Mike how the website is offering great value to its customers and an eco-friendly focus — reuse as much as possible. “We looked at all the trends toward the environment,” Levitt says. “We figured selling and reusing preowned […]

Greening the Future with The Ovie Mughelli Foundation’s Ovie Mughelli

Ovie Mughelli of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons joins John and Mike to talk about his Ovie Mughelli Foundation, and how he is using his star status to reach children and teach them how they can care for the environment and make important green lifestyle changes. Mughelli tells John and Mike that his foundation really took […]

Changing the Packing and Shipping Industry with’s Marty Metro

Following co-host Mike Brady’s move into a new home, John and Mike welcome Marty Metro, founder of, to discuss how his company is changing the packing and shipping industry in a low-impact, eco-friendly way. “I realized there was a big disconnect with people throwing away boxes and people needing boxes,” Metro tells John and […]

Putting Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions on the Market with Bayes Cleaners’ Mark Cunningham

Mark Cunningham of Bayes Cleaners talks to John and Mike about eco-friendly cleaning. Cunningham, who has a background in cleaning supply distribution, was frustrated with the lack of safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions on the market. After nearly a year of perfecting a solution, Bayes Cleaners was born. Cunningham describes the difficulties in creating a powerful, […]

Committing to Socially Responsible Technology with Panasonic’s David Thompson

John and Mike speak with David Thompson, Director of Panasonic’s Environmental Department. Since the 1930s, Panasonic has been committed to socially responsible technology, so that the corporation can “contribute to the betterment of society” through its products. In today’s society, Panasonic focuses on green goals — not only for its products, but also for its […]

Sustainably Measuring Company Performance with ‘The Triple Bottom Line’ author Andrew Savitz

John and Mike talk sustainable business practices with Andrew Savitz, founder of sustainability consultancy Sustainable Business Strategies and author of The Triple Bottom Line. Savitz outlines his “triple threat” of sustainability focus — people, planet and profits — and how he uses this to measure companies’ performance not only economically, but also sustainably. In this […]

Working to Eliminate the Use of Toxic Materials with Going Green with EnviroBro’s Leonard Robinson

John and Mike speak with Leonard Robinson, the Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. In addition to starting numerous recycling programs and hosting his own radio show, “Going Green with EnviroBro,” Leonard works to eliminate the use of toxic materials. Alongside Gov. Schwarzenegger, Leonard seeks to educate the public on […]