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June 27, 2009

Discussing the Emergence of the ‘Green Collar’ Worker with Ecopreneur John Ivanko

John and Mike meet with John Ivanko, an ecopreneur who advocates purpose, community and green behavior over profit. Even in today’s unstable economy, John explains how “green” collar workers are emerging and new business opportunities can be found just by taking traditional ideas and turning them green. You too can become an ecopreneur, restore the […]

June 20, 2009

Conserving Energy with CFL Light Bulbs with Greenlite Lighting Corporation’s Tom Cohen

Today’s guest, Tom Cohen, is the Director of Sales at Greenlite Lighting Corporation, a company devoted to conserving energy through the use of CFL light bulbs. The green team discusses how buying energy-efficient lighting products can make a difference to the planet and to your wallet. Along with John and Mike, learn about the benefits […]

June 13, 2009

Using Natural Fiber Products in the Insulation Industry with Bonded Logic’s Tod Kean

On this episode, John and Mike speak with Tod Kean, the founder of Bonded Logic. Since its start in 1994, Bonded Logic has become the leading manufacturer of natural fiber insulation in the country by creating this insulation out of recycled denim and other natural fabrics. Kean discusses his goals as a member of the […]

June 6, 2009

Conveniently Reducing Environmental Impact with ‘The Lazy Environmentalist’ Josh Dorfman

This week, we join John and Mike as they interview Josh Dorfman, the “Lazy Environmentalist,” who encourages people to “think smarter” about the benefits of green behavior. After having an epiphany inspired by an interesting question, Josh decided to embark on endeavors that would reduce people’s impact on the environment without great personal inconvenience or […]

May 30, 2009

Discussing ‘the Greenest Pizza in America’ with Pizza Fusion’s Mike Parisi

On today’s show, John and Mike host Mike Parisi, a local ecopreneur who recently opened the fourth Pizza Fusion restaurant in California. Pizza Fusion, a franchise that originated in Florida, is dedicated to producing high-quality organic food and “the greenest pizza in America.” Listen in as they discuss how the Pizza Fusion chain is helping […]

May 23, 2009

Recycling Cell Phones to Prevent E-waste with PaceButler’s Tom Pace

John, Mike and guest Mandingo Cain speak with Tom Pace, an inspirational entrepreneur and the founder of PaceButler, one of the largest cell phone recycling companies in the nation. Because cell phones are fully recyclable, PaceButler purchases used cell phones to prevent excessive environmental waste. Beyond his work with cell phone recycling, Pace also authored […]

May 16, 2009

Promoting Green Behavior in the Media with Environmental Media Association’s Debbie Levin

John and Mike speak with Debbie Levin, President of the Environmental Media Association (EMA), about how her organization puts environmental messages into TV shows and movies. Though also working on other programs and initiatives, the EMA’s goal is to have the media promote green behavior, almost like “product placement for the environment.” Listen in as […]

May 10, 2009

Spearheading a Green Movement with City of Fresno’s Joseph Oldham

Joseph Oldham, today’s featured guest, is the interim Sustainability Manager for the City of Fresno. Oldham is also the Chairman of the Fresno Green Team and spearheaded Fresno’s “three-can system,” where residents received two recycling containers along with their regular trash can. This movement, together with many others, has made the city of Fresno the […]

May 3, 2009

Preserving the Natural Wonders of California with Keep California Beautiful’s Christine Flowers-Ewing

This episode focuses on California, the leading state for promoting green and sustainability issues. John and Mike interview Christine Flowers-Ewing, the Executive Director of Keep California Beautiful, a volunteer-based organization dedicated to preserving the natural wonders of California through education, effort and enforcement. With initiatives such as the upcoming reusable bag campaign, Flowers-Ewing’s organization hopes […]

April 25, 2009

Helping Businesses Save Green by Going Green with Eco-Entrepreur Bob Epstein

John and Mike speak with Bob Epstein, a leading entrepreneur in the world of environment preservation. Bob is the co-founder of five companies: Sybase, New Resource Bank, GetActive Software, Zight and Britton-Lee. He is also a co-founder of Environmental Entrepreneurs, which, as he puts it, is the “independent business voice for the environment.” Listen in […]

April 18, 2009

Discussing Better Air Quality in the San Joaquin Valley with Coalition for Clean Air’s Nidia Bautista

In the first episode of “Green is Good,” John and co-host Mike Brady speak with Nidia Bautista, Policy Director at the Coalition for Clean Air, about the air quality in California’s epicenter of agriculture, the San Joaquin Valley, and efforts that are in the works to improve air quality and the quality of life, both […]