Testimonials & Shout Outs

Here's what some of the Impact guests have said about their appearance on the show:

I've had the good fortune of chatting with some incredible folks over the past two years, but my conversation with John Shegerian for the Impact Podcast ranks up there as one of my favorites! The question about Michael Jordan ALONE merits the discussion's inclusion in the top five!

Photo of guest Joanne Molinaro Joanne Molinaro, The Korean Vegan

I was delighted and honored to join John’s podcast. We had an insightful conversation on the key role climate technologies will play and the shifts in approach to scaling that we must address.

Photo of guest Mark Patel Mark Patel, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

I really enjoyed the conversation with John and appreciated the time he spent talking with me about eBay’s latest recommerce report and the role that recommerce plays in sustainability. It's crucial to educate people on the need for sustainability and how simple actions we can all take, like recommerce shopping, can create a healthier, more sustainable future, and I appreciate that the Impact Podcast tackles these important topics.

Photo of guest Renee Morin Renee Morin, Chief Sustainability Officer, eBay

We are in a climate crisis, and there's a wealth of opportunities out there to help meet the challenge that the crisis presents to the world. My wide-ranging conversation with John Shegerian starting with my background but quickly transitioning to urgent and emerging topics like filling the global sustainability skills gap, the promise of AI-enabled tools like ChatGPT for driving sustainable outcomes, and how digital transformations work together to help solve some of the most intractable sustainability challenges, was a total delight. John's a skilled and inquisitive conversationalist and I am grateful he's created such a wonderful platform that inspires so many.

Photo of guest Jon Powell Jon Powell, Sustainability Practice Global Lead, Salesforce

Climate change is one of the world’s most pressing challenges. It also presents significant opportunities for those who are part of the solution. At AT&T, we’re committed to being part of the solution. It was great to discuss our environmental sustainability initiatives with John Shegerian, and I applaud him for his work to drive awareness of how companies can be a force for good in the world.

Photo of guest Shannon Thomas Carroll Shannon Thomas Carroll, AVP of Global Environmental Responsibility, AT&T

I enjoyed speaking with John about how our purpose drives our company’s ambitions to preserve the environment, drive social impact and help millions of homes. His insights and knowledge allowed for an important conversation that I think listeners will find inspiring.

Photo of guest Ann Tracy Ann Tracy, Chief Sustainability Officer, Colgate-Palmolive

I was humbled to be asked to be interviewed by John Shegerian for the Impact Podcast. He truly cares about companies and people who are working for social, environmental, and innovative causes. At Patagonia, we care deeply about saving our home planet but also inspiring others. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story and the work I do at Patagonia.

Photo of guest Jennifer Patrick Jennifer Patrick, Director of Global Packaging and Branding, Patagonia

It is always a pleasure speaking with John on the Impact Podcast. I enjoy his passion and engaging questions on some of the most important projects and complex issues related to climate change. These conversations are important to driving awareness of sustainable initiatives and advancements across all industries, but especially within the tech sector.

Photo of guest Todd Brady Todd Brady, Vice President, Global Public Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer, Intel

It was a true pleasure to be invited into a conversation with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast to discuss our global investments in food banking to end hunger.

Photo of guest Laura Eberlin Laura Eberlin, Global Corporate Social Responsibility Lead – Community Engagement & Enrichment, John Deere

I appreciate the opportunity to share Jimmy Valvano’s and the V Foundation’s story with the Impact podcast audience. We hope to see a lot of you at the Virginia Vine event … and for those who can’t make it, thank you for your donations to support the cause. Thank you to John and to the Impact team.

Photo of guest Joe Theismann Joe Theismann, NFL legend and Supporter of V Foundation

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with John and the opportunity to join the Impact Podcast. Like me, John is passionate about real, tangible sustainability efforts and Lyft is doing just that. I'm excited for listeners to learn more about how Lyft is leading the way on electrification and all of our new features that make it easy for drivers and riders to choose sustainable options.

Photo of guest Paul Augustine Paul Augustine, Head of Sustainability, Lyft

It’s great to have a platform like the Impact Podcast to be able to engage in a deeper dive conversation, share our mission and describe how a concept like The Carbonauts works. Thanks to John Shegerian for the great discussion and providing me with the opportunity.

Photo of guest Graham Hill Graham Hill, Founder, Carbonauts

I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with John Shegerian and appreciated the opportunity to share HubSpot's sustainability journey with Impact Podcast listeners about how we are reducing emissions as a SaaS company to engaging employees around a shared purpose. It was a real pleasure, and I'm looking forward to learning from other sustainability leaders on the platform.

Photo of guest Yogesh Chauhan Yogesh Chauhan, Director of ESG, HubSpot

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast about the important work we’re doing at ALSAC and St. Jude to continue our legacy of health equity and expand our reach to help more kids with cancer around the world. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share our mission with his listeners.

Photo of guest Rick Shadyac Rick Shadyac, President & CEO of ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

It was a pleasure sharing with John and the Impact listeners how Intuit is developing and advancing programs around the world that drive down carbon emissions and provide a multitude of benefits like creating new jobs in underserved communities and access to sustainability solutions for small businesses.

Photo of guest Debbie Lizt Debbie Lizt, Head of Global Sustainability, Intuit

It was a privilege to virtually welcome John Shegerian to the Gore Capabilities Center to discuss our sustainability and environmental stewardship efforts. John has a rich history in driving meaningful conversations with business leaders on how we can foster innovation and spark action to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. With our focus at Gore on creating products of high societal value, there was a natural alignment that really came through in our discussion.

Photo of guest Amos Wampler Amos Wampler, Enterprise Capabilities Associate, W.L. Gore & Associates

I appreciate that in his podcast John Shegerian does not limit his sphere to a narrow range of climate warriors but looks far afield for the different and fascinating ways individuals and firms are approaching sustainability, including ours. He asked questions that not only explored my approach to sustainability but my personal history and motivation that drives my passion for creating change. He really is the Terri Gross of sustainability!

Photo of guest Stephen Pallrand Stephen Pallrand, Ecopreneur and Founder, CarbonShack

Darling Ingredients’ sustainability story is unique, and it was a pleasure to share it and my perspective on the future of sustainability with John Shegerian. The Impact Podcast serves an important role in amplifying best practices and innovative approaches in sustainability to help advance this important work on a much broader scale.

Photo of guest Ethan Carter Ethan Carter, Director of Sustainability, Darling Ingredients

I had a wonderful conversation with John Shegerian and was honored to be a featured guest on the Impact Podcast. The opportunity to share the meaningful stories of Rebuilding Together's work in transforming the lives of our neighbors was invaluable. I hope that our conversation inspires listeners to get involved in their community and make their own impact locally.

Photo of guest Caroline Blakely Caroline Blakely, President & CEO, Rebuilding Today

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with John Shegerian about my journey to start Apprenti. Through Registered Apprenticeship, Apprenti is bridging the digital skills gap, placing diverse talent into top tech roles on a national scale, and providing a reliable pipeline for underrepresented groups. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share our mission with the Impact Podcast listeners.

Photo of guest Jennifer Carlson Jennifer Carlson, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Apprenti

Right now our world needs increased mental health resources more than ever. It was wonderful to talk to John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast about Kindly Human’s work and how empathetic peer support can help people manage everyday struggles.

Photo of guest Dr. Gregory H. Bledsoe  Dr. Gregory H. Bledsoe , Strategic Advisor, Kindly Human

Our mission at Do Good Foods is to continue to scale our sustainable solution to address the dual concerns of food waste and climate change, while also empowering consumers to make an impact just by changing the brand of chicken they buy. It was an honor to discuss this mission in-depth with John Shegerian. The Impact Podcast provides an excellent platform to drive awareness about important sustainability initiatives and inspire change.

Photo of guest Justin Kamine Justin Kamine, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Do Good Foods

Being asked to be on a podcast is very humbling but when you can tell the host cares more about the interviewee than the ratings, it is brilliant. John Shegerian truly cares about spreading other messages and I am forever grateful.

Photo of guest Ryan “Birdman” Parrott Ryan “Birdman” Parrott, former US Navy SEAL and Founder of American Extreme

It was an absolute honor to be a featured guest on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian. His engaging style and thought-provoking questions made for a memorable and motivational discussion on the importance of preventative diagnostic testing for enhancing healthspan and quality of life. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and inspire others to prioritize their health and well-being.

Photo of guest Dallas Kingsbury, MD Dallas Kingsbury, MD, Medical Director, Danford Works and Fountain Life

It was a pleasure speaking with John on the Impact Podcast. I enjoyed our in-depth conversation about the ways Samsung is making everyday changes for a meaningful impact on our environment.

Photo of guest Mark Newton Mark Newton, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Samsung Electronics America

It's a great joy for me to share with other business leaders what I know about giving back and making a positive difference in the world. That's why I wrote the book. Many thanks to John Shegerian and the Impact Podcast for the opportunity to chat about my book and my story. The Impact Podcast is fabulous -- and with the messages it shares, is a great service to the world.

Photo of guest Hubert Joly Hubert Joly, Former Chairman & CEO, Best Buy

John and his team at ERI have been incredible partners of ours and it’s always such a pleasure talking with someone who, like us, is committed to doing more for our communities and the world.

Photo of guest Corie Barry Corie Barry, CEO, Best Buy

I really enjoyed my conversation with John Shegerian about The Home Depot’s sustainability journey. We know that investing in running a sustainable company makes our business better for our customers, associates and the environment.

Photo of guest Ron Jarvis Ron Jarvis, Chief Sustainability Officer, The Home Depot

One of the best things about my role as CSO at Verizon is the people. I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting some amazing individuals in the industry who challenge me, support similar goals and give a voice to the exciting initiatives underway in support of the planet. I recently got a chance to chat with one such individual, ERI Executive Chairman and host of the Impact podcast, John Shegerian.

We discussed Verizon’s two green bonds, our involvement in The Climate Pledge, how COVID-19 has impacted Verizon’s sustainability and supply chain initiatives and much more. This was my second interview with John and it was such a pleasure to share a bit more about our opportunities and our challenges with his listeners. We’ve stayed focused on our goals through this unprecedented year, reaching for them daily - the Verizon way.

I hope every listener can take away something that will allow them to focus on their own personal or corporate goals. I’m so thrilled to play a small part in the global fight for climate action and always happy to sit down with inspiring people like John.

Photo of guest Jim Gowen Jim Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Verizon

It was a pleasure speaking with John to discuss sustainability best practices and I applaud him for using his long-standing platform to call attention to the work of so many companies doing their part to make the world and environment a better place.

Photo of guest Amy White Amy White , Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Adobe

It was such a pleasure joining the Impact Podcast to share more about the work Nestlé is doing to help create a waste-free future.

Photo of guest Chastity McLeod Chastity McLeod, Director of Technical Packaging, Nestlé USA

As we start a new year, we often think about resolutions, what we want to change, and how we can move towards doing the kind of work that is most meaningful to us. My conversation with John Shegerian about my own journey and why it is so important for the alternative investment industry to continue to evolve to be more diverse, inclusive, and equitable, was a huge pleasure and privilege. The Impact Podcast provides a unique and important platform for elevating voices of change that I believe can also inspire action.

Photo of guest Debbie McLean Debbie McLean, Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, CAIA

I greatly appreciated my conversation with John on the Impact Podcast about Hearst’s efforts to positively impact the environment across our diverse businesses, as highlighted in our 2022 Sustainability Overview.

Photo of guest David Carey David Carey, Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications, Former President, Hearst

It was my privilege to speak with John on the Impact Podcast and to be given the opportunity to share the mission of CO2 by TIME, which is to make it easy for every business to accelerate progress towards being net zero and nature positive.

Photo of guest Simon Mulcahy Simon Mulcahy, President of Sustainability, TIME

John Shegerian has tremendous passion for making the world a better place. That’s core to Kimberly-Clark’s purpose as well. ‘Better Care for a Better World’ serves as our call to action, challenging us to help billions of people through greater access to life’s daily essentials while working each day to reduce our impact on the planet. I appreciate the opportunity to join the Impact Podcast to discuss the challenges facing our planet in the decade ahead.

Photo of guest Lisa Morden Lisa Morden , Vice President of Safety, Sustainability and Occupational Health, Kimberly-Clark

I had a great time speaking with John about our shared passions and goals in sustainability. I enjoyed the opportunity to share how Robert Half is moving the needle in the ESG space across our people, communities, environment and governance — and offer advice to those interested in pursuing a career in ESG.

Photo of guest Stephanie Dolmat Stephanie Dolmat, Senior Director of ESG, Robert Half

As an Impact podcast listener, I’ve enjoyed hearing the stories and strategies from some of the folks leading the field of sustainability. Being able to share NVIDIA’s story of social impact in healthcare, self-driving cars and climate change was a really powerful experience.

Photo of guest Tonie Hansen Tonie Hansen, Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility, NVIDIA

I really enjoyed my time on the Impact Podcast and the opportunity to discuss ESG trends in financial services and share some of the good work we are doing at T. Rowe Price.

Photo of guest Gaby Infante Gaby Infante, Director of Corporate ESG, T. Rowe Price

It was a pleasure to talk to John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast about the latest technology and innovations from TI that are helping to drive automotive technology into the future.

Photo of guest Pradeep Shenoy Pradeep Shenoy, Manager of Power Design Services, Texas Instruments

What a blast to be on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian. John’s talent in hosting gave us a great foundation for an energetic discussion on an important topic: saving the planet. It was such a pleasure to be a guest on such a great show and I’m looking forward to the episode engaging with the community about circular supply chains.

Photo of guest Deborah Dull Deborah Dull, Principal of Manufacturing Product Management, GE Digital

We believe that collaboration is the most important force to mitigate climate change. Sharing our story and hearing from others is a fundamental part of collaboration and learning. John Shegerian was an inspiring host and we look forward to learning more from other participants in future episodes of Impact.

Photo of guest Breitner Marczewski Breitner Marczewski, Senior Sustainability Engineer, General Motors

I just loved my conversation with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast. John naturally connects with people and enriches the conversation with his preparation. I enjoyed sharing the lessons I’ve learned about resilience, accountability, happiness, and success, and I’m blown away by the remarkable service that John and his team provide.

Photo of guest Chad Foster Chad Foster, Red Hat/IBM

Thanks so much to John Shegerian and the Impact Podcast team for having me on today’s episode. It’s great to share all the exciting things we’re doing at Daring, and relay our vision for a better, more plant based world.

Photo of guest Ross Mackay Ross Mackay, Founder & CEO, Daring Foods

I really enjoyed the conversation with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast. John’s genuine interest in new topics and his own broad experience made the interview insightful to me as well.

Photo of guest Jarkko Havas Jarkko Havas, Lead of Insights & Analysis, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with host John Shegerian for this Impact Podcast episode. Nothing could be more timely than a candid conversation about how organizations can build workplace cultures that safeguard the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their most important resources - their employees - during the stress, uncertainty and anxiety of a pandemic. Many thanks to John and the Impact Podcast for shining the spotlight on important topics such as this.

Photo of guest David Osborne David Osborne, CEO, Virgin Pulse

Joining John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast was a great opportunity to share best practices for employee engagement on sustainability issues, which will hopefully inspire other business leaders to adopt similar initiatives within their organizations.

Photo of guest Amie Hedblom Amie Hedblom , Senior Marketing Manager, Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab

It’s always a pleasure to speak with people like John Shegerian, who are interested in innovation, even in an industry like waste management that’s not typically known for it. I hope Impact Podcast listeners will be inspired to do what they can to help solve the waste crisis we are in and recognize that even small steps make a difference.

Photo of guest Tom Szaky Tom Szaky, TerraCycle

Thanks so much to John and the Impact Podcast for having me on the show and helping me spread the word to your audience to get their hearts checked. Heart disease is the number one killer in this country and it’s so important for people to listen to this information.

Photo of guest Rod Carew Rod Carew, Baseball Hall of Famer

The Impact Podcast was a great platform to share our insights on the impact of social media and partake in a thought-provoking conversation. We’re inspired by John Shegerian’s podcast and the impressive guests he hosts. We’re excited for Recon Food’s story to be a part of it.

Photo of guest Spencer Rascoff Spencer Rascoff, Co-Founder, Recon Food

Talking to John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast about the importance of BIG MONEY ENERGY was terrific! It’s great to have an in-depth conversation with like-minded people who don’t just dream about changing their lives for the better.

Photo of guest Ryan Serhant Ryan Serhant, Million Dollar Listing New York

I had a really great time talking to John on the Impact Podcast. Much gratitude!

Photo of guest Jeannie Gaffigan Jeannie Gaffigan, Writer, Comedian, Author

I had a great time on the Impact podcast with John, who I found to be a super prepared host with interesting questions and a real desire to get to know what drives me.

Photo of guest Sarah Spain Sarah Spain, ESPN Columnist, Radio Host & TV Personality

There’s so much exciting innovation and expansion happening in the world of electric vehicles and renewable energy right now. I think it’s important to have these conversations with larger audiences, beyond just electric vehicle owners, because it not only affects our energy system, it’s also the way our industries are collaborating toward a cleaner future.

Photo of guest Adam Langton Adam Langton, U.S. Energy Services Manager, BMW

It was great to connect with John to share our journey and how we continue to innovate and do our part to build a more sustainable world.

Photo of guest Kevin Tubbs Kevin Tubbs, Vice President and Chief Ethics, Compliance & Sustainability Officer, Oshkosh Corporation

It was such a pleasure speaking with John Shegerian and opening up about my struggles as an entrepreneur in a controversial industry. Thanks to John and the Impact Podcast for having me!

Photo of guest Christina Qi Christina Qi, CEO, Databento; Founder, Domeyard

Thanks so much for having me on the Impact Podcast. It’s an honor to know John Shegerian.

Photo of guest Father Gregory Boyle Father Gregory Boyle , Founder, Homeboy Industries

We loved our visit with John on the Impact Podcast to discuss the surprising research on why humor fuels creativity, fosters resilience, strengthens bonds and persuasive impact. It was also great to share some belly laughs with John – sparked by stories about Bill Murray and other humor heroes who reveal concrete tools for having more joy at work and in life.

Photo of guest Dr. Jennifer Aaker Dr. Jennifer Aaker, Stanford Graduate School of Business

It was a pleasure speaking with John Shegerian about Agilent’s ESG programs and our mission of advancing the quality of life. John's long-form interviews on the Impact Podcast provide an important platform for sharing best practices on sustainability.

Photo of guest Neil Rees Neil Rees, Vice President of Workplace Services and Head of ESG Programs, Agilent

It was a real pleasure to be interviewed by John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast. His genuine interest in orangutan conservation and the work of The Orangutan Project made it feel more like an open conversation rather than an interview. As founder of The Orangutan Project I have been blessed to have had so many supporters from around the world share in our vision for a secure future for orangutan populations. Thanks to John and the Impact team for this opportunity to share this vision with a new audience and to spread the word about The Orangutan Project and our work to save the critically endangered orangutans and their rainforest habitat.

Photo of guest Leif Cocks Leif Cocks, Founder, The Orangutan Project

Being on the Impact Podcast was truly one of the best conversations I have had. Talking to John Shegerian felt like I was catching up with an old friend. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and discuss timely topics and insights with John! I believe connecting with people who have a positive energy is vital in making an impact in the world around us!

Photo of guest Araksya Karapetyan Araksya Karapetyan, Good Day LA

It was a fun time chatting with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast, he made me think about why I do what I do today in telling environmental stories, thanks to his energetic, fun and friendly style of interviewing.

Photo of guest John Holden John Holden, Host, “EARTH with John Holden,” Fox Business Network

Talking to John Shegerian, and sharing our very personal and raw story, was like sitting down with a close friend. Thank you to John and the entire Impact Podcast team for providing the space and time to bare a bit of my soul for your listeners.

Photo of guest Maria Quiban Maria Quiban, Good Day LA

I really enjoyed being a guest on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian. John's enthusiasm for Ecosia and our story made for a fun and relaxed conversation. Thanks for having me on and helping to spread the word about Ecosia and our mission to regenerate the planet.

Photo of guest Christian Kroll Christian Kroll, Founder & CEO, Ecosia

What a pleasure to be interviewed by a pro, and someone who shares our longstanding passion for plant-based eating. We appreciate John Shegerian’s vision and activism!

Photo of guest Jody Boyman Jody Boyman, Co-Founder, Hungry Planet

John Shegerian walks the talk and his authentic communication style resonated with us as guests - as it surely also does with his listeners. We were honored to be featured on John's Impact Podcast!

Photo of guest Todd Boyman Todd Boyman, Co-Founder, Hungry Planet

I had an awesome time on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian. We got to dig into life, business, and also how to overcome adversity. I’m very excited for the listeners to hear this episode.

Photo of guest Eric LeGrand Eric LeGrand, LeGrand Coffee House

Being a guest on the Impact Podcast was awesome. It was an absolute pleasure to meet John Shegerian. Thanks for having me.

Photo of guest Sam Dennigan Sam Dennigan, Strong Roots

I absolutely loved my discussion with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast. He got me to look at my existing projects with a fresh take and got me even more excited about some of the new things I want to build. John's enthusiasm is contagious.

Photo of guest Edward Lando Edward Lando, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Pareto Holdings

Thanks so much to John Shegerian and the Impact Podcast for having me on the show. And thank you as well to the Impact audience for listening. Being on the show and sharing our story was an awesome experience.

Photo of guest Filip Kaliszan Filip Kaliszan, Founder & CEO, Verkada

Having the honor to join the Impact Podcast, telling my story and the INFLCR story was an awesome highlight for me. It was fantastic to talk with John Shegerian and the Engage team about NIL and discuss how we have positioned ourselves as thought leaders in this new and exciting era.

Photo of guest Jim Cavale Jim Cavale , Founder & CEO, INFLCR

Being in the midst of a podcast tour to promote my book, things can blur, but my favorite and most memorable interview was with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast. John is incredibly bright, honest, and inspires hope in others to do better. I was honored to be featured as a guest and I hope my interview helps people understand their gut and their health.

Photo of guest Dr. Peter Kozlowski Dr. Peter Kozlowski , MD, Author, Unfunc Your Gut

It was a pleasure being on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian. I am grateful for the opportunity to discuss the issues that are so close to my heart.

Photo of guest A.J. Fuentes Twombly A.J. Fuentes Twombly, Truman National Security Project Defense Council

It was a real pleasure to chat with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast. I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to share the work that we’re doing at WBCSD with our members on the circular economy. I wish every discussion was that fun!

Photo of guest Brendan Edgerton Brendan Edgerton , World Business Council for Sustainable Development

It was wonderful talking to John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast about our mission here at Rebellyous Foods. What a fun way to spread the word about our work here and the importance of plant-based food and its role in climate change relief efforts!

Photo of guest Christie Lagally Christie Lagally, Rebellyous Foods

Thank you for including me on the show! The final product looks fantastic, and talking with John Shegerian was a great experience!

Photo of guest Cara Libby Cara Libby, Principal Technical Leader, Renewable Energy, Electric Power Research Institute

My interview on the Impact Podcast turned out great and it’s largely because of John Shegerian! John is so good at drawing out the best in a conversation. We greatly appreciate the opportunity!

Photo of guest Leo Raudys Leo Raudys , CEO & President, Call2Recycle

I was honored to be a guest on Impact, and John Shegerian was a great, thoughtful host. He really dove into my journey – from what it was like to found A-Sha, all the way to expanding the company to a global brand. John understands the impact we're trying to make in the culinary space and CPG space with food to fuel our future.

Photo of guest Young Chang Young Chang, President and CEO, A-SHA Noodles

It was great to interview with John Shegerian for the Impact Podcast. It’s an honor to appear among the experts working to make the world a better place. The interview was smart, and I really enjoyed it. I’d like to thank John and the entire Impact team for the opportunity to share our perspective.

Photo of guest Yaron Dycian Yaron Dycian, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, WINT

Having done many podcasts and interviews over the years, I can say that John Shegerian brings an additional energy to his interviews. It’s very evident that John had taken the time to read my book and did his research, which was evident in the excellent questions delivered. It was an honor to be the first veteran on the show and I look forward to following the Impact podcast myself to hear from more of the show’s great guests.

Photo of guest Dean Stott Dean Stott, British Special Forces Veteran and World Record Breaking Athlete

Talking with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast was terrific, and I even came away with important insights into my own business. I was really grateful for joining John, who has left such a big and important impact on the industry himself.

Photo of guest Kate Fazzini Kate Fazzini, Cybersecurity Thought Leader

I was flattered to be on the show given some of the exemplary figures that have been on with John. I had a great time talking about taking action to solve some of the world's biggest environmental issues and also mixing in some good laughs. A typical conversation with John. Always a blast.

Photo of guest Chris Dickerson Chris Dickerson, Co-Founder, Players for the Planet

I was grateful for my time on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian. We got to talk about life, heaven, and most importantly Jesus. As 2020 has been a year no one expected, nothing has surprised God. At the end of the day, we live to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus.

Photo of guest Colton Burpo Colton Burpo, Author, "Heaven Is For Real"

John Shegerian and ERI have paved the way for closed-loop systems for valuable electronics. It was a pleasure to join John on the Impact Podcast to dig deeper into how the circular economy creates value for people, businesses and the planet, discussing the breadth of innovations across sectors that are accelerating the transition to a new, more sustainable and profitable economic model.

Photo of guest Ron Gonen Ron Gonen, Founder & CEO, Closed Loop Partners

I want to thank John for having me on as a guest on the Impact Podcast. Now more than ever it’s crucial that we as a global impact community come together to advance the development of the circular economy. Investing in enterprises that are at the forefront of climate tech innovation will help us combat plastic waste and accelerate the global recycling supply chain, which are critical to advancing the circular economy. I am looking forward to continuing this important conversation John and I had and hope we inspire investors to move their capital towards more meaningful investments to make real systems change.

Photo of guest Rob Kaplan Rob Kaplan, Circulate Capital

It was such a pleasure to speak to John Shegerian, who is as knowledgeable as he is passionate about data security and privacy issues.

Photo of guest Anna Mercado Clark Anna Mercado Clark, Phillips Lytle LLP

At Nowadays, we care deeply about positively impacting human and planetary health with nutritious plant-based meats made from only a few simple ingredients. What better platform to share our mission than on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian, an industry titan who has paved the way for businesses like Nowadays to do well by doing good. It was an honor to share the Nowadays story and a delight to hear how much John and his family love our nuggets!

Photo of guest Max Elder Max Elder, Nowadays

It was such a pleasure being a guest on the Impact Podcast and speaking with John. He made the interview easy and fun.

Photo of guest Molly Braverman Molly Braverman, Director, Broadway Green Alliance

What a lovely interview! I’m so grateful John Shegerian and the Impact Podcast chose to share their platform with me - and use it to raise visibility for Play Like a Girl. I know that it is just the first in a ripple effect the podcast will create. I look forward to coming on again to share the impact. Thank you!

Photo of guest Kimberly S. Clay PhD, MPH, MSW Kimberly S. Clay PhD, MPH, MSW, Founder & CEO, Play Like a Girl

Secondhand apparel has so many benefits from a sustainability perspective and I loved having the opportunity to speak with John on this topic.

Photo of guest Tanya Brinich Tanya Brinich, Senior Director, Resale-as-a-Service (RaaS) Client Success, thredUP

Thank you again for the fantastic opportunity to be on the Impact Podcast. I loved talking with John...and didn't want our conversation to end! It means a lot that my work resonates so deeply with John and the Impact team!

Photo of guest Mallory Brown Mallory Brown, Humanitarian Filmmaker and Founder of Walk a Mile

I really loved the in-depth technical questions about our business Engage while still highlighting the personalities of all the team members and all the fun stories of how we got to where we are now.

Photo of guest Jake Olson Jake Olson, President, Engage

I absolutely loved being interviewed by John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast. John is a fantastic interviewer, as he was extremely engaged and asked the perfect questions that evoked answers he knew his viewers would love to know. It was such a pleasure!

Photo of guest Jaime Bronstein Jaime Bronstein, The Relationship Expert

Thank you to John Shegerian and the Impact Podcast for having me and Heura on the program. Without the platform of shows like Impact, the success of Heura could not happen. We appreciate a show that is willing to share our story and the Heura voice around the world. So, thank you very much because, without this kind of support, Heura would not be what it is today.

Photo of guest Bernat Añaños Bernat Añaños, Founder, Heura

Speaking with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast was like connecting with an old friend — we picked up where we left off — and yet this is the first time I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with John. John seems to know about everything and is connected to, what seems like, the entire planet. Next time we speak, we will ‘pick up from where we left off’ and I’m sure it will be as magical as this conversation.

Photo of guest Fritzi Horstman Fritzi Horstman, Founder & Executive Director, Compassion Prison Project

Chatting with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast was a true pleasure. His questions were both insightful and original and his style promotes a terrific vibe and flow. I’m honored to have been a guest on Impact!

Photo of guest Rich Diviney Rich Diviney, Navy SEAL Commander and Author

Speaking with John on the Impact Podcast was a great experience. This was truly the first interview I’ve done where I felt genuinely pumped and excited that the message was getting out. It was clear to me that the Impact Podcast is spreading hope and voicing the success stories of those who’ve survived the struggle, and I deeply appreciate that.

Photo of guest Hector Guadalupe Hector Guadalupe, Founder, A Second U Foundation

Being interviewed by John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast further inspired me to continue my hustle and press forward with my business. It also served as a reminder that transforming your hustle is doable for anyone coming out of the institutional system and all you need is the grit to do so. I really appreciate the opportunity to be on the show.

Photo of guest Coss Marte Coss Marte, CONBODY

It was a pleasure to be a guest on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian. We hope the Impact audience will enjoy our story and be inspired to create renewable energy with their organic waste.

Photo of guest Oshik Efrati Oshik Efrati, HomeBiogas

I had a great time on the Impact podcast with John Shegerian, talking all things publishing and Readly. Thanks for the conversation!

Photo of guest Chris Couchman Chris Couchman, Readly

It was a great experience being interviewed by John Shegerian for the Impact Podcast. I’m thankful that the show provided a voice for me to share new and innovative procedures such as the Hybrid Tummy Tuck. I’m hoping that as more patients become aware of it, there will be fewer hip to hip tummy tucks needed.

Photo of guest Dr. Brent Moelleken Dr. Brent Moelleken, MD

Thanks to John Shegerian for having us on the Impact Podcast show. I really enjoyed our chat. We are super excited about the future of animal free foods and look forward to keeping the Impact Podcast and its listeners updated on our progress.

Photo of guest Ben Leita Ben Leita, Nourish Ingredients

It was a pleasure being a guest on the Impact Podcast. John Shegerian was brilliant – asking insightful questions, making for a lively discussion. I found his attention to detail and advanced research made me feel like I was talking to a close friend. His podcast lives up to its name and delivers an ‘Impact’ that all listeners will learn from.

Photo of guest Scott Schober Scott Schober, President and CEO, Berkeley Varitronics Systems

It was an honor to be a guest on the Impact Podcast speaking with John. I am so grateful to John and the show for raising awareness on important issues.

Photo of guest Joey Miller Joey Miller, Wellsprings Health Associates and Author

Being interviewed by John Shegerian for the Impact Podcast was like sitting down with an old friend. As a host, John was very thoughtful about the questions he asked and he allowed me the opportunity to guide the conversation with my story yet always managed to point me in the direction to make the biggest impact possible. It was a pleasure and an honor to have been included as a guest on Impact.

Photo of guest Dan Zahir Dan Zahir, Creative Director & Chocolatier, Edelweiss Chocolates

I really enjoyed the easygoing conversation with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast. I also truly appreciate being able to share our mission and passion with the Impact audience.

Photo of guest Lynea Lattanzio Lynea Lattanzio, Founder and Executive Director, Cat House on the Kings

Having known John for nearly a decade, there is no one I would rather have an in-depth conversation with on a podcast. John’s interview skills and personality made an hour interview on Impact feel like a 5 minute casual conversation. Having the ability to talk about my background in marketing and share the story of Engage and the journey we have been down in front of an audience as large as Impact’s was a fantastic experience.

Photo of guest Brendan M. Egan Brendan M. Egan, Founder & CEO, Simple SEO Group

It was such an honor to speak with John Shegerian and share my story with the Impact Podcast audience. John made the conversation very comfortable. I thank him for offering me his industry insight and for this incredible opportunity to tell my story.

Photo of guest Joan Olivero Joan Olivero, Cord Clutter Connection

I really appreciate the opportunity to be a guest ion the Impact Podcast and ‘chop it up’ with John Shegerian so I can share with the Impact audience what we’ve been doing at Boom in-depth. Cheers to John and to Impact!

Photo of guest Daniel Puckett Daniel Puckett, Boom Foods

The Impact Podcast with John Shegerian is available for listening on ImpactPodcast.com, Apple’s iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, libsyn, and as part of iHeartRadio’s digital broadcast, reaching over 120 million users.

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