Testimonials & Shout Outs

I had a great time on the Impact podcast with John, who I found to be a super prepared host with interesting questions and a real desire to get to know what drives me.

Photo of guest Sarah Spain Sarah Spain, ESPN Columnist, Radio Host & TV Personality

Talking to John Shegerian, and sharing our very personal and raw story, was like sitting down with a close friend. Thank you to John and the entire Impact Podcast team for providing the space and time to bare a bit of my soul for your listeners.

Photo of guest Maria Quiban Maria Quiban, Good Day LA

I was grateful for my time on the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian. We got to talk about life, heaven, and most importantly Jesus. As 2020 has been a year no one expected, nothing has surprised God. At the end of the day, we live to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus.

Photo of guest Colton Burpo Colton Burpo, Author, "Heaven Is For Real"

One of the best things about my role as CSO at Verizon is the people. I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting some amazing individuals in the industry who challenge me, support similar goals and give a voice to the exciting initiatives underway in support of the planet. I recently got a chance to chat with one such individual, ERI Executive Chairman and host of the Impact podcast, John Shegerian.

We discussed Verizon’s two green bonds, our involvement in The Climate Pledge, how COVID-19 has impacted Verizon’s sustainability and supply chain initiatives and much more. This was my second interview with John and it was such a pleasure to share a bit more about our opportunities and our challenges with his listeners. We’ve stayed focused on our goals through this unprecedented year, reaching for them daily - the Verizon way.

I hope every listener can take away something that will allow them to focus on their own personal or corporate goals. I’m so thrilled to play a small part in the global fight for climate action and always happy to sit down with inspiring people like John.

Photo of guest Jim Gowen Jim Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Verizon

We believe that collaboration is the most important force to mitigate climate change. Sharing our story and hearing from others is a fundamental part of collaboration and learning. John Shegerian was an inspiring host and we look forward to learning more from other participants in future episodes of Impact.

Photo of guest Breitner Marczewski Breitner Marczewski, Senior Sustainability Engineer, General Motors

Having done many podcasts and interviews over the years, I can say that John Shegerian brings an additional energy to his interviews. It’s very evident that John had taken the time to read my book and did his research, which was evident in the excellent questions delivered. It was an honor to be the first veteran on the show and I look forward to following the Impact podcast myself to hear from more of the show’s great guests.

Photo of guest Dean Stott Dean Stott, British Special Forces Veteran and World Record Breaking Athlete

Talking with John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast was terrific, and I even came away with important insights into my own business. I was really grateful for joining John, who has left such a big and important impact on the industry himself.

Photo of guest Kate Fazzini Kate Fazzini, Cybersecurity Thought Leader

I was flattered to be on the show given some of the exemplary figures that have been on with John. I had a great time talking about taking action to solve some of the world's biggest environmental issues and also mixing in some good laughs. A typical conversation with John. Always a blast.

Photo of guest Chris Dickerson Chris Dickerson, Co-Founder, Players for the Planet

It was such a pleasure being a guest on the Impact Podcast and speaking with John. He made the interview easy and fun.

Photo of guest Molly Braverman Molly Braverman, Director, Broadway Green Alliance

Thank you again for the fantastic opportunity to be on the Impact Podcast. I loved talking with John...and didn't want our conversation to end! It means a lot that my work resonates so deeply with John and the Impact team!

Photo of guest Mallory Brown Mallory Brown, Humanitarian Filmmaker and Founder of Walk a Mile

I absolutely loved being interviewed by John Shegerian on the Impact Podcast. John is a fantastic interviewer, as he was extremely engaged and asked the perfect questions that evoked answers he knew his viewers would love to know. It was such a pleasure!

Photo of guest Jaime Bronstein Jaime Bronstein, The Relationship Expert

Speaking with John on the Impact Podcast was a great experience. This was truly the first interview I’ve done where I felt genuinely pumped and excited that the message was getting out. It was clear to me that the Impact Podcast is spreading hope and voicing the success stories of those who’ve survived the struggle, and I deeply appreciate that.

Photo of guest Hector Guadalupe Hector Guadalupe, Founder, A Second U Foundation

Being interviewed by John Shegerian for the Impact Podcast was like sitting down with an old friend. As a host, John was very thoughtful about the questions he asked and he allowed me the opportunity to guide the conversation with my story yet always managed to point me in the direction to make the biggest impact possible. It was a pleasure and an honor to have been included as a guest on Impact.

Photo of guest Daniel Zahir Daniel Zahir, Creative Director & Chocolatier, Edelweiss Chocolates